Mi Vodafone

Vodafone App
  • License Free
  • Size 5,9M
  • Version 4.4.7
  • Language English
  • Developer Vodafone ES

Download Mi Vodafone. This app is in the Communication category and for Android users. You can install it for free on your mobile device.

You just ask. Download Vodafone Yanımda now; Save time, get things done easily wherever you are.

You can download Vodafone Yanımda application to your phone and you can do a lot of transactions related to your line at no cost and you can follow the special offers.

What about what?

You can learn the details of your current bill and the remaining uses in your tariff and packages.
You can pay your bill, you can install Mobile Letters (Prepaid Lines).
You can make tariff changes, buy additional packages.
You can benefit from Advantage Mobile campaigns such as Eating-Drinking, Clothing, Travel without additional membership
With Android widgets of different sizes, you can easily keep track of your remaining usage and balance.
4.5 You can easily open your network, open and close your line to overseas use can easily handle much more.

You do not need to call Vodafone Customer Services or go to Vodafone Pocket Centers.

How do I get my password?
By typing S and sending a free SMS to 7000, you can get your password from Vodafone.

Can I log in with a few lines?

You can add or remove new numbers from the yeni My numbers ım menu in the application. You can log in with the different GSM number you have defined.
* Vodafone is a free application for me. The Internet connection you use to download the application from Vodafone Yanımda from the application market is charged at your current data rate. Vodafone Mobile Center search module used in the 3rd party application used by the map for internet connection will be charged for your current data tariff.

Click the link below and you will be redirected to the Google Play Store where you can install the APK file.

Download Mi Vodafone